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SBI JI Innovation was formed in 2017 as a partnership between SBI Holdings of Japan and Vertex Israel, focusing on bio-investments. Having successfully closed the investment period of the bio fund, JI is expanding its interests to new sectors and territories, collaborating in Israel and surrounding countries.

SBI Holdings was founded in Japan in 1999 and has spent the last 20 years establishing the world’s first Internet-based financial ecosystem that undertakes a broad range of segments.

Vertex is a global venture capital firm with $1 billion under management that boasts an impressive track record of exits through M&A and IPO.


Together we as SBI JI Innovation, cherry-pick Israeli (or Israel-related) venture-backed biopharma and high-tech companies across different development stages. 

SBI Holdings operations include:

Financial Service Business: the largest securities firm in Japan (SBI Securities), the leading online/offline banks (SBI Sumishin Net Bank and SBI Shinsei Bank), online insurance (SBI Insurance), FX, global remittance, and the largest proprietary trading system in Japan (JNX and Osaka Digital Exchange).

Asset Management Business: the leading investment advisory firm in the Japanese industry (SBI Global Asset Management)

Investment Business: SBI Investment, the largest VC firm in Japan with an AUM of $2.5B has strong footprints in Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and the US markets.

Crypto Asset Business: Crypto-asset market making and provision of exchange and trading services relating to digital assets.

Non-financial Businesses: Business activities relating to the Biotechnology, Healthcare & Medical Informatics Business, Web3, and new global markets such as Africa, etc.

The SBI Group’s total assets under management surged, primarily in investment trusts, and topped over $5 Billion in Jan 2023 and more than 1,200 global portfolios.

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