SBI JI Innovation is a biopharma focused VC. We were formed in early 2017 as a partnership between SBI Holdings of Japan and Vertex Israel.

SBI Holdings was founded in Japan in 1999 and has spent the last 20 years establishing the world’s first Internet-based financial ecosystem that undertakes a broad range of financial services, including securities, banking and insurance (Financial Services Business), investing in and incubating startup companies (Asset Management Business), and undertaking the R&D and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals and health foods (Biotechnology-related Business)

The SBI Group’s total assets under management surged, primarily in investment trusts, and topped ¥1 trillion in September 2018.

Vertex is a global venture capital firm with $1 billion under management that boasts an impressive track record of exits through M&A and IPO.

Together we as SBI JI Innovation, cherry-pick Israeli (or Israel-related) venture-backed biopharma companies across different development stages.